Ken Webster - Mentalist/Hypnotist

The Art of “MENTALISM” has been around for many years but has recently become a phenomena due to stars like David Blaine and Derren Brown.

Following over 22 successful summer seasons at the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach KEN WEBSTER, Master of the mind and illusion has produced another brand new show for 2010.

Encompassing the art of ‘Mentalism’, mind reading, Illusion, close up magic and subliminal suggestion this show brings you a night full of intrigue and outrageous fun!

KEN WEBSTER breaks all the rules of your standard mindreading act. He has ripped up the rule book, written the script and turned the profession on it's head.

KEN WEBSTER gives you Webster himself, that's all you need.... just Webster and his unique approach to a fascinating evenings entertainment

It’s not just an evening out it is an EXPERIENCE!

“Superb, why are you not on TV?”

Robbie Williams


“What a funny act, fantastic”

Peter Kay


“What a great part of the show”

Ant and Dec


PREPARE TO BE........ CONFUSED...... AMUSED  &........ AMAZED!

Suitable for 16 years and over