BRS Entertainment, in association with CHANCE PROMOTIONS, are delighted to announce exclusive International touring rights to this fabulous production.

The story behind the award winning Legends Show...Not a tribute band but a collection of the finest "Rock Legends" available.

Since 1990, the production was the UK’s first ever live show featuring a full production, with top class artists emulating the biggest stars in the history of popular music. From its conception, the fast-paced ‘Legends of Rock’ was so successful, that the generic ‘Legends’ show was created to offer its clients multiple-choice shows that became synonymous with quality the world over.

Since Legends began, the show has only ever featured the very best look/soundalikes) in the world, flying a Michael Jackson and Madonna from the USA to Dubai for a one night appearance, and a Shirley Bassey to play for Royalty. Many artists have joined the queues of people hoping to emulate their idols on the world stage, but only a handful make the grade to become part of this very elite club.

Trevor Chance....Chance Promotions

Legends has toured the UK many times, New Zealand twice, played Barcelona, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, The Seychelles, Ireland, Dubai... the list goes on.

Legends has a home in Blackpool in their own purpose built venue on Central Pier with two productions for 19 weeks throughout the summer for the last ten years. By overwhelming demand for 2009 a third production was produced for Blackpool’s famous Tower Ballroom and with repeat bookings with every single client, it is safe to say the Legends reputation has no equal in its field.

There are many solo imposters but there is ......"ONLY ONE LEGENDS SHOW!"